2010-2018 Cummins EFI Live V3 with Custom Support

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Advanced Custom ECM calibrations written specifically for you by NRE Performance LLC. using EFILive Software and to be used with your EFILive V2/3 or Autocal. Intended for those high horsepower applications utilizing any combination of aftermarket injectors, injection pumps and turbo setups. Calibrations will be optimized based upon modifications, driver requests and intended vehicle use.

Custom calibrations via EFILive for Cummins; Custom Tuned to YOUR Combination! These calibration files can be sent via .CTZ (raw calibration file), .BBX (quick setup for Autocal/V2 including calibration file, or we can load it to an Autocal/V2 and toss a shipping label on it.

CSP Levels: (based on 100% stock application)
CSP1 – 30 HP
CSP2 – 60 HP
CSP3 – 90 HP
CSP4 – 120 HP
CSP5 – 150 HP

Please fill out the information above to the best of your abilities, use the other info box at the bottom if you have pertinent information to your custom tuning.

Expected turnaround time for initial purchase of custom calibrations is 3-5 business days, please place order accordingly.

*If you have/had your truck tuned by us, and you would like to upgrade parts on your truck that will require a re-tune in the future, we will WAIVE the $100 re-tune fee if you purchase the parts with us*