2017-2019 F250 & F350 Air Management by PacBrake (AMP) Air Spring Suspension System

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  • Prevent sagging, swaying, and bottoming out under load
  • Absorb shock and fix a harsh ride
  • Preserve your brakes and tires
  • Backed by lifetime warranty

Increase Towing/Hauling Support and Capability

2017-2019 F250s and F350s are is basically built for towing and hauling, but even their mighty suspension systems aren't indestructible. Any heavy-duty towing or hauling can really take a toll on your suspension system, sometimes leading to sagging, swaying and even bottoming out under extreme loads. If you're towing big trailers and hauling heavy loads on a regular basis, this high-quality air spring kit by PacBrake is essential to preserving the longevity and structural integrity of your suspension system. The included double convoluted, two-ply rubber air springs effectively absorb shock, eliminate harsh jarring on rough roads and assist in leveling out your truck when carrying heavy loads.

Safer, More Comfortable Towing

Frequent towing and hauling all too commonly leads to problems like brake resistance, premature tire wear, porpoising, and bottoming out, permanently damaging your investment and lowering resale value. PacBrake's high-quality air springs install between the frame and the axle to provide support for and reduce wear on your factory suspension system. The fully-adjustable air springs work with your existing suspension system to give your vehicle more compromising leveling support when you need it, ensuring proper weight distribution under even the heaviest loads. Make no mistake, these aren't your standard air springs. PacBrake's Air Suspension System is the only system featuring one-inch machined aluminum end caps ensuring lasting performance and dependability. Air spring pressure can be controlled through traditional compressor systems as well as optional on-board compressor systems available here at Stage 3 such as PacBrake's own In-Cab Control Kit.

Fitment: 2017-2019 F250/F350 4WD

Warranty: The PacBrake Air Suspension System is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Air Spring Spacers for Lifted Trucks: PacBrake developed 2", 4", and 6" air spring spacer kits to accommodate lifted trucks. If you have a lifted truck and want to install PacBrake's air springs, don't forget to grab a pair of spacers for installation.