BD-POWER 1045271 SUPER B 600 SX-E S364.5 TURBO KIT

BD-POWER 1045271 SUPER B 600 SX-E S364.5 TURBO KIT

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PART #: BD1045271
Upgrade the turbocharger in your 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins with the BD-Power 1045271 Super B 600 SX-E S364.5 Turbo Kit. The SX-E Powered Single Turbo Kits from BD-Power have been specially designed as an easy bolt-on performance replacement for your OEM turbocharger giving you more power, response and reliability. The SX-E Turbo Kit includes all the needed components for installation. 
The SX-E turbocharger line from BorgWarner was designed from the ground up for performance. Larger blade surface allows the SX-E models to spool quicker flow more, and be more efficient with a smaller inducer size. A BD-Power exclusive feature of the SX-E turbos is that they are waste-gated to mount on stock T3 manifolds. The SX-E turbos utilize enhanced, lighter, high strength FMW Forged Milled Wheels, which increase turbocharger life, pressure ratio, and turbo response compared to a comparable cast wheel. FMW's are standard on all SX-E turbos. 


  • Great For 600HP 
  • BorgWarner SX-E Turbocharger 
  • BD-Power Exclusive T3 Mounting 


  • Comp Wheel: 64.5mm 2.54in
  • Turbine Wheel: 80mm 3.15in
  • A/R Ratio: 0.80
  • Flow: 82 Lb/min
Install Notes:
2005 model year with plastic intercooler tanks requires intercooler with metal tanks. 
Turbo mount exhaust brake can be installed.