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Custom tune your 1998.5-2017 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins with the Calibrated Power Custom Smarty UDC Tuning With MM3. Custom tuning capability has drastically widened the performance and driveability of your Dodge Cummins. Where Smarty's UDC, MM3, and Touch platforms really shine is in their ability to bring very high level tuning support to all Cummins powered trucks from 1998.5 and up. On top of the that, with a direct J1939 connection to the 3-pin connector on the engine the driver is able to switch tunes in real time or allow the tuner to make real time adjustments in tuning (in a live tuning scenario).  No other tuning platform on the market allows this level of versatility on the Cummins platforms.
Calibrated Power Solutions is dedicated to putting this cutting edge technology to use on your truck whether you're a remote customer or buying on-site at CPS.  We develop all of our tuning on trucks that we own and maintain.  Our tune development process involves hours and hours of testing on our in-house dyno along with thousands of miles of road use.  We test the towing performance, cold weather performance, hone shift quality and minimize smoke output.  After tuning performance diesel trucks for ten years we've developed very high standards for how a tuned truck should drive.
1998.5-2002 DODGE 5.9L CUMMINS
Using Smarty's UDC Software in tandem with Calibrated Power's ECM mapping efforts, they've got all the tools to maximize pump output (without tapping) beyond any other tuning product on the market. This is the tuning that will easily push the stock transmission as far as it can go without putting your VP44 warranty in jeopardy. 
When used in conjunction with a pump tap, they not only get more fuel than other tuners but can also control idle speed, timing, and smoke limitation to bring drivability up to never-seen-before levels.  Trucks can switch between tunes on the fly as long as they MM3 hardware or the 3-pin J1939 plug adapter on the Smarty touch.
VP Trucks that are heavily modified should also have an Edge Comp Module (See Below).
Tuning Included: Base Optimized Stock Tunes along with (4) Performance Tunes that can be switched on the fly. 
Non-Tapped VP44 Tuning
  • Level 1: 0HP
  • Level 2: 20HP
  • Level 3: 40HP
  • Level 4: 60HP
  • Level 5: 80HP
Tapped VP44 Tuning
  • Level 1: 0HP
  • Level 2: 20HP
  • Level 3: 40HP
  • Level 4: 80HP
  • Level 5: 120HP
2003-2009 DODGE 5.9L/6.7L CUMMINS
Calibrated Power Solution's UDC Tuning for 3rd gen trucks offers the best in power and driveability. It's as easy as changing your radio station, imagine going from 300 rwhp to 530 rwhp with the touch of a display (stock trans limit of 425rwhp recommended).
Calibrated Power offers two packages for these models, one for trucks with stock transmission, and another tune package for trucks with built transmissions. On 6.7L models, this tuning has been designed to work only with the factory emissions systems. 
Tuning Included: Base Optimized Stock Tunes along with (4) Performance Tunes that can be switched on the fly. 
There's no need to strip your truck down to get that 500+ RWHP out of your Cummins. Calibrated Power can get you the power, engine efficiency and torque benefits of tuning that most others want you to sacrifice your warranty and exhaust for. Calibrated Power Solutions specializes in engineering high power calibrations that work in harmony with the factory emissions control systems. To build these calibrations is time and labor intensive, but the results are worth it when you're using your truck daily and appreciating clean, quiet operation. 
With Calibrated Power Solutions Tuning, your truck will emit zero particulate matter (black smoke), nor will your truck smoke on cold start, or smell like diesel fuel. Because these tunes work with your factory emissions systems, you can keep the factory exhaust system and not have a drone in the cab while towing. This also does not make you a target for DOT or law enforcement. 
Designed to make up to 500+ RWHP & 1100 ft-lbs of tq, this tuning shifts firm and locks the torque converter to take advantage of the 6.7L's wide torque curve (TCM tuning mandatory on 68RFE 500HP Tune). This tuning also improves efficency by wasting less energy in hydraulic torque converter operation. All of this is acheived without any major modifications and can go back to stock with a simple reflash. 
Tuning Included: Base Optimized Stock Tunes along with (4) Performance Tunes that can be switched on the fly. DPF present tuning only. 
Common Rail Tuning With Stock Transmission
  • Level 1: 0HP
  • Level 2: 40HP
  • Level 3: 60HP
  • Level 4: 80HP
  • Level 5: 100HP
Common Rail Tuning With Built Transmission
  • Level 1: 0HP
  • Level 2: 60HP
  • Level 3: 80HP
  • Level 4: 160HP
  • Level 5: 200-230HP
Note: Due to the fact that this product is custom tuned for your unique VIN, it cannot be returned.