PacBrake AMP Air Suspension Kit Air Bags 2018 Ford F-250 / F-350 SuperDuty 4WD 2017 Ford F-450 SuperDuty 4WD

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  • Use the strongest air springs on the market to eliminate your vehicle’s sag, sway and bottoming out.
  • Distribute weight evenly to your tires, supporting any load without overtaxing your suspension.
  • AMP air bags by Pacbrake are the only heavy duty air bags on the market with one piece aluminum end caps and 20 support wires giving you maximum strength and durability!
  • Each AMP kit is equipped with corrosion resistant roll plates, precision laser cut powder coated steel brackets, grade 5 plated hardware, airline and all accessories required for the perfect bolt on install.
  • AMP Air Bags by Pacbrake come with a Lifetime Warranty. Please refer to the warranty document for more details.
  • AMP: The number one solution to level your truck’s stance while providing added support for an overall smoother, safer ride.
Have you ever noticed a difference in ride control when driving empty vs. driving fully loaded? Your truck's factory suspension was designed as a compromise between capability and comfort. When hauling heavy loads, the rear springs can be pushed to the limit - resulting in excessive bounce, sagging ride height, and an overall feeling of instability. With the simple addition of an AMP Air Suspension Kits by Pacbrake, you can distribute weight evenly to your tires, supporting any load without overtaxing your existing system.

  • For all trucks including those with 5th wheel hitches. Not for commercial cab and chassis trucks.