2007.5-2012 Early 6.7 Cummins New Exergy Fuel injectors 500% Over w/Internal Modification (Set of 6) - E02 20364

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So, you're ready to push the limit of your build and want to find an injector you can trust to take you to the podium? With our background in OE development, manufacturing and pioneers of the performance common rail fuel systems, you can trust us to fuel your passion! 
At 500% over stock, these are an excellent upgrade for anyone looking to compete at the highest level. The nozzles are enlarged using inhouse micro EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) and abrasive flow honing technology to achieve a matched set that hydraulically flows within 1%. Each nozzle undergoes six separate quality control checks throughout the process before being installed back onto the injector. All components are built and tested on specialized equipment designed and built in-house at Exergy. Every 500% over injector set is tested at multiple calibration points, balanced to +/- 1%, and shipped with a detailed sheet.  There are no shortcuts.
An internal modification is required for all Bosch solenoid injectors above 250% over in order to maintain our target rate shape. This process will effect points across the injector's operating range, especially at idle and pilot conditions.  This makes custom tuning even more important.
Let Exergy give you peace of mind with your injector purchase!
Custom tuning will be needed to take full advantage of these injectors.
Injector seal kit included (copper gaskets and O-rings)! For injector sizing please contact us for more information. Core $150.00 each / Pending 30 day return policy.

Core Return: Exergy requires that all cores be returned within 30 days from original purchase of product. If you fail to return the core(s) within 30 days, you will be charged in full for the core(s) ($150 per injector). Cores that have missing and/or damaged component(s) will not receive credit. To avoid this, please package your cores well in an organized fashion with the Injector Process Form inserted (see examples and find Injector Process Form on the shipping and returns page). If you have an outstanding circumstance, please contact us.