Manton 24v Valve Springs and Retainer

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Add performance, durability, and longevity to your Cummins by upgrading with this complete valve spring and retainer kit from Manton. This drop-in packages provides 100 lbs. of seat pressure and 165 lbs. of open pressure at 0.420 lift. Especially if you've upgraded to a performance cam, this spring kit is a must.

Designed with Manton's exclusive "Pressure Tower" conical spring design along with an "Ultra Light" tool steel retainer, this kit provides the maximum strength to weight ratio and unsurpassed reliability in any application. Whether your truck is a daily driver or dedicated race rig, these springs will complement your truck's level of performance.


Some 1998.5-2002 trucks had heads that were machined incorrectly from the machine shops that were supplying heads. The pocket is just barely too small to fit the conical springs.