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The Banks Power Monster-Ram Intake With Billet Intake Plate & Heater Grid will greatly increase the airflow into the lower manifold of your 2013-2018 Ram 6.7L Diesel. This intake was created utilizing the most up-to-date CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software and then tested on the road, the dyno and a flow bench. This intake is a direct-fit replacement with cast aluminum construction that offers instant power and greater acceleration.
The Monster-Ram intake system is enhanced with the addition of the High-Flow Heater and Billet Intake Plate. The High-Flow Heater replaces the restricted original heater grid plate, allowing for even more airflow. The vertical coil-style heater performs similarly to the stock heater grid in terms of cold start assistance, but without impeding airflow. The Banks Intake Plate replaces the restricted original grid heater plate, removing all obstructions and turbulence from the airflow channel.
Your truck's intake manifold is redesigned with the Banks Power Monster-Ram Intake With Billet Heater & Intake Plate. The original intake elbow is sharp and cramped to create space for the No. 1 fuel line. The No. 1 fuel line was re-engineered by Banks to allow for more airflow and less blockage in this intake. The standard intake manifold only flows 421 cfm (32.16 lbs/min), but this intake manifold with intake plate flows 936 cfm (71.5 lbs/min). The increased airflow provides a boost to the turbine without raising backpressure. The increased throttle response implies a more power-efficient engine with even more headroom than the standard intake manifold can provide for higher horsepower applications.
Prevent Damage
The bolt in the factory grid heater on your 2007.5-2018 Dodge Ram 6.7L Diesel can loosen or melt, break off, and fall into the intake runner, making its way into the #6 cylinder. By replacing the stock, restrictive, grid heater with a billet high-flow intake plate, the risk of the bolt falling into the runner is alleviated and greater airflow was achieved. A coil heater that sits vertically within the Monster Ram’s aluminum casting assists with cold weather starts.
  • 3-3/8” Inlet
  • Four 1/8” NPT Ports
  • Quicker Throttle Response
  • Outflows Stock By Over 122%
  • Optimizes Air Pressure & Distribution
  • Accommodates Stock Mounting Points
  • Larger & Less Restrictive Than Stock Intake
  • Available In Nature Or Red Power-Coat Finish
  • Improves Flow Of Oxygen-Rich Air Into Cylinders
  • Raises Boost Without Increasing Turbine Drive Pressure
  • Includes Proprietary Fuel Line & All Necessary Hardware
Note: This intake system is not compatible with the Cab & Chassis models.