Pedal Commander PC18 Ford Super Duty

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    • Why Your F350 Needs a Pedal Commander PC18!

      • Eliminate that annoying response delay from your Ford's gas pedal.
      • Put less strain on your Ford's motor and use less fuel when towing. 
      • Easy Plug-and-Play installation. Pedal Commander connects inline between ECU, accelerator pedal sensor, and throttle body.
      • The Pedal Commander is 100% reversible making it warranty friendly.
      • Easier access to change the setting through your smartphone with Bluetooth without having to physically bend over to do it.
      • Our Pedal Commander units are manufactured to the highest quality and standards with CE and TUV Certification.
      • 2-year product warranty.
      • It comes with 36 sensitivity settings so you will have complete control over how your Truck's gas pedal responds with acceleration.