S&S Cummins 12mm Stroker CP3

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S&S Cummins 12mm Stroker CP3 – 6.7 Based

Just like the injector selection charts that S&S provides to help you select the proper selection for your power goals, selection of your injection pump setup to match your injectors capabilities is very important.  A 14MM pump with stock injectors would not only be difficult to tune but a waste of parts capabilities the same way 450%+ injectors would be paired with a single stock injection pump.  Below is a rough guide on the pumps capabilities in a single pump application, if you’re running or intending to run multiple pumps, adding the capabilities together or what you’re using is a safe bet – for instance – a stock 8.2mm CP3 paired with a 10mm stroker CP3 would be capable of roughly 1400RWHP+/-.

  • STOCK (8.2MM) CP3 = 600RWHP+/-
  • 10MM STROKER CP3 = 800RWHP+/-
  • 12MM STROKER CP3 = 1000RWHP+/-
  • 14MM STROKER CP3 = 1200RWHP+/-

**Note for 5.9 Customers using this pump.
If you are using STOCK FEED LINES from your factory fuel filter canister, you will need to do some modification to that feed line. If you are using an AirDog/FASS/comparable Lift Pump System that has a new fuel line to the CP3, then no extra modifications will be needed.